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Meyer Seed Company Is Closing Its Doors

After more than one hundred and eleven years in business, Meyer Seed Company of Baltimore has made the difficult decision to close our doors and cease operations. We are enormously grateful for the relationships we have built with our many customers over the years. Our relationships with our customers have made Meyer Seed Company much more than a business for us. However, it was clear to us that the time had arrived for our family to move on to other things.

For those of our customers seeking vegetable seed, we encourage you to visit Rohrer Seeds and Supplies in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Like Meyer Seed Company, Rohrer has been in business over 100 years, and carries the highest quality seed products. You can order online from them at or call 717-299-2571 to request a catalog.

Harry W. Hurst, III, President
Meyer Seed Company of Baltimore, Inc.


Warranty and Disclaimer of Warranties

Meyer Seed Company of Baltimore, Inc. warrants that the products it sells will be labeled as required by law and that they will conform to the label description. Meyer Seed Company of Baltimore, Inc. makes NO OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY,
FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR OTHERWISE. Any recommendation for use of a product, material or apparatus in connection there with are based upon the Company’s best judgment, but, there is no warranty of results to be obtained in connection therewith.
The Meyer Seed Company of Baltimore, Inc. makes no warranty that the seed we carry is free from diseases and organisms that might be harmful if consumed in the form of sprouts or seed. The seed itself is for planting in soil to grow mature vegetables for human consumption, not edible sprouts or seed.

Limitations of Liability

The exclusive remedy for loss or damages due to the breach of the foregoing warranty or other cause, shall be limited to the return of the purchase price of The Meyer Seed Company of Baltimore product(s) and shall not include any consequential damages. Claims of defects with the company’s product(s) must be presented to The Meyer Seed Company of Baltimore, Inc. as soon as practicable, and in any event, within thirty (30) days after the discovery of such defect(s).

Conditions of Sale

No Post Office Box Addresses.

The Meyer Seed Company of Baltimore, Inc. is not responsible for typographical, illustrative or any other errors that may be found in this catalog. It is believed that to the best of our knowledge, here at The Meyer Seed Company of Baltimore, Inc. that all information, prices and pictures are correct at the time of this printing. All prices are subject to change without further notice.