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Meyer Seed Company Is Closing Its Doors

After more than one hundred and eleven years in business, Meyer Seed Company of Baltimore has made the difficult decision to close our doors and cease operations. We are enormously grateful for the relationships we have built with our many customers over the years. Our relationships with our customers have made Meyer Seed Company much more than a business for us. However, it was clear to us that the time had arrived for our family to move on to other things.

For those of our customers seeking vegetable seed, we encourage you to visit Rohrer Seeds and Supplies in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Like Meyer Seed Company, Rohrer has been in business over 100 years, and carries the highest quality seed products. You can order online from them at or call 717-299-2571 to request a catalog.

Harry W. Hurst, III, President
Meyer Seed Company of Baltimore, Inc.

Not subject to damage or injury from attack by a particular disease causing organism or virus by a particular insect or for certain conditions of soil or climate.

Capable to some degree of enduring an attack by a particular insect or disease causing agent, or able to withstand certain adverse conditions of growth. Resistant or slightly susceptible varieties may be expected to survive all but the most severe infestation or other specified adverse conditions, though yield and quality may be somewhat affected.

Easily subjected to injury or damage from attack by a particular disease causing organism or a particular insect or even from adverse soil or climate conditions.

Moderately susceptible varieties may be expected to survive and produce an acceptable crop under moderately adverse conditions, but they also may be expected to become affected if conditions that are highly favorable to the disease or insect continue for a long period. A Tolerant variety is usually easier to protect from damage by a particular disease, insect or adverse condition than a Susceptible variety.

Some of the seeds we carry are coated with a fungicide, insecticide or both to protect seed during storage. Seed will be clearly marked if treated. The treated seed should never be used for edible seed purposes. Seed treatments do not effect the plant that grows from seed.